Notable results:

Animal Protection & Rescue League v. The Irvine Company
Dec. 17, 2015
$194K judgment for successfully challenging 36 time, place and manner rules as being unconstitutional, and defeating a cross-complaint seeking to stop free speech against stores selling cruel products, with co-counsel David Simon and several associates.

San Diego Puppy v. Animal Protection & Rescue League
Sept. 2015
$65K judgment against San Diego Puppy after this seller of animals from cruel puppy mills sued the City of San Diego, several animal protection groups and me personally for helping to pass an ordinance regulating its activities. We got the case dismissed and won attorneys' fees against the business and its principals. Co-counsel were David Simon, Gerald Singleton, Todd Cardiff, John Maher and Gretel Smith.

Han v. A.F. Gilmore, et al. 
June 2015
False arrest of a peaceful activist who was handing out flyers about plant-based eating at the Farmers Market shopping center in Los Angeles. Co-counsel was David Simon. $107K settlement.

Animal Protection & Rescue League v. San Diego Planning Commission
May 27, 2015
Published Court of Appeal decision finding the San Diego City Attorney's office incorrectly applied the law. Guideline rope to protect pregnant and nursing harbor seals approved by City Council was allowed to stand despite Planning Commission improperly denying permit a second time. Co-counsel was Todd Cardiff. $83K judgment for attorneys' fees, followed by $50K judgment for appeal.

Jacobelly v. AEG and City of San Diego
Oct. 2014
Successfully defended appeal of activist wrongfully convicted of trespass for peacefully handing out flyers at San Diego Sports Arena regarding circus abuse of elephants. Co-counsel was Todd Cardiff. $42K settlement in civil suit.

Bryan Pease v. City of San Diego
April 2014
TRO granted finding City Attorney's office had misconstrued election law and suppressed democracy. Co-counsel was Craig Sherman.

Lutz v. CBRE and City of San Diego
Dec. 2013
False arrest of a voter registration activist by San Diego Police and a private security guard. Co-counsel was Gerald Singleton. $105K settlement.

Humane League v. David Martosko and Richard Berman
Exposed corporate infiltrator in a deposition.
March 2013, Mother Jones
"Controversial Daily Caller Editor Admitted to Posing As Radical Animal Rights Activist"

Animal Protection & Rescue League v. San Diego Planning Commission
Aug. 2011
San Diego City Attorney's office found to have improperly defended the Planning Commission over the elected City Council. Writ of mandate granted requiring placement of guideline rope to protect San Diego seals. Co-counsel was Todd Cardiff. $75K judgment for attorneys' fees.

La Jolla Friends of the Seals v. NOAA
Dec. 2008
TRO granted to block dredging of Casa Beach and require City of San Diego to comply with resolution of City Council to place guideline rope to protect nursing and pregnant harbor seals. TRO lasted for nine months, during which time state legislature amended land grant to allow seals to remain and stop the dredging that had been ordered by a state court judge. Without the TRO, the city would have been forced to spend millions of dollars dredging the beach and chasing seals away before there was time for state legislature to act.

Animal Protection & Rescue League v. The State of California
March 10, 2008
Ninth Circuit emergency motion granted allowing guideline rope to remain up during during harbor seal pupping season to protect San Diego seals.

Fashion Valley Mall v. Animal Protection & Rescue League
Feb. 2008
Mall's anti-boycott rule found unconstitutional. $132K judgment.

Valli v. City of San Diego
Feb. 2006
San Diego Municipal Code section placing onerous restrictions on charitable fundraising ruled unconstitutional.
San Diego CityBeat
San Diego Union tribune

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